7 seven birthday anniversary celebrationWhen enrolling technicians in an MST Academy appliance repair training course, most business owners will do the registration/enrollment process themselves so that they will have the username and password for each tech, and can therefore log in as desired to check on a tech’s progress.

This is how to enroll a tech for their first course or bundle. If they are a returning student, see Note #4 below.

1. Make sure you are NOT logged in (check the upper right hand corner of the site).

2. Go to the Enroll page.

3. Select the course or bundle you want from the pull-down menu box.

4. Now enter your discount code, if you have one.

5. Create your tech’s profile - First and Last name, email address, username, password. (See notes below.)

6. Click "Add Billing Method" at the bottom of the Billing Method section of the enrollment form and enter your credit card information.

7. Click the red "Submit Form" button. (The receipt will be emailed to the student email address - have them forward it to you!)

That’s it! The tech is ready to log in and start his Journey of Total Appliance Enlightenment! If you have more techs to enroll, simply go back to Step 1.

Notes -

1. Once you create a profile, the username cannot be changed. All of the other items can be changed, if needed.

2. Each email address must be unique, in other words, one per student.

3. If the tech’s email address has already been registered at the site (for example, to take the Sample Course), then you can’t do a new registration with that email. You can either use his existing registration (get his username and password, log in to the site with them, then enroll in a course) or contact us and we can delete his old account and you can start fresh.

4. To enroll a tech in additional courses in the future, simply log into his/her account first, then Enroll as described above. You won't have to create the student profile - those spaces will be automatically filled.

5. Taking our courses is a very personalized experience for each student, so each technician needs his or her own enrollment in each course. For online training to be effective, students need to work at their own pace and be encouraged to repeat lessons and videos as needed. The goal is mastery of the material, after all! And each tech comes to their training with their own unique mix of strengths, weaknesses, and experience.

If you have any questions at all, please contact us!