Quiz & Exam Reset Policy and Request

To earn your Master Samurai Tech certification, you need to score 80% or higher on each unit quiz and 90% or higher on each exam. That’s right, each quiz and exam, the certificate is not granted based on your average grades. If you fall short on a quiz or exam, there is no shame in studying up, getting help in the Ask the Teacher Forums, and retaking it to achieve the required score.

But we do limit our students to two attempts per quiz and exam, because there is shame in taking a quiz over and over and using trial and error to get enough correct answers. That’s not learning, and you can’t apply that approach on the job. With the right approach and a little hard work, you can ace your second attempt, as most students who take their training seriously do.

If you still haven’t achieved the required scores after your second attempt, don’t panic! We do offer quiz and exam resets, though they are not automatically given. You must demonstrate that you have adequately prepared to pass the quiz or exam on your third attempt. Once you’ve prepared and feel confident that you can answer the questions you struggled on before, submit the form below. We’ll contact you by email when everything is ready for you to retake the quiz or exam.

Quiz & Exam Reset Policy and Request

Important: If you are considering a reset on a quiz, be aware that any tests taken after the reset point will also be cleared and will have to be retaken.

Request a Reset

How to Ace Your Second (or Third) Attempt

There are two ways to prepare for another attempt:

  1. Go back and study the course material you struggled with harder
  2. Get help in the Ask the Teacher Forums

For many, the trick to finally mastering difficult course material is to turn to the masters for individualized help, courtesy of our interactive Ask the Teacher Forums.

Don’t be shy about using (or overusing) the Forums. Our teachers are here to help. In fact, we ENJOY helping. So if you have a question, ask away. And don’t worry about how to put your problem into words. We’ve been helping techs online for decades, so just dive in and write anything about the difficulty you’re having. We’ll know how to help. 

The more you use the Forums, the more comfortable you'll get using them. And the more comfortable you are with the Forums, the better you’ll train and the fewer quizzes and exams you’ll have to retake.