Hands-on Appliance Training Resources


Your training at the Master Samurai Tech Academy focuses on understanding the technology used in modern, computer-controlled appliances and developing a disciplined troubleshooting approach to solving problems with them. These are the high-dollar skills that you need to have to be successful.

But disassembly and reassembly are definitely parts of the job. So what about hands-on training?

The answer for working techs:

If you're currently employed as an appliance repair technician, you'll be working on actual appliances every day on the job, so you don't need to do anything extra to get hands-on practice. Train online, then apply your new skills and knowledge during your service appointments to finish mastering the material.

The answer for techs not working at the moment:

The reason online training works is that your brain is your most important tool as an appliance repair technician. And it's your brain, not your hands, that will do most of the work. Our 'brains-on' training will teach you troubleshooting skills so that, when you show up at a home to fix a freezer that doesn't freeze or a dryer that doesn't dry—no matter the make or model—your brain knows where to look, what to test, and what to do to fix the problem.

You will need a little bit of hands-on practice to try out and finish mastering what you've learned, but there are some easy work-arounds for that:

  • You can work on your own appliances, or those of your friends and family
  • You can get junk/used appliances (from Craigslist for example) to work on at home
  • Or you can dive straight into taking repair jobs on the side, starting very slowly

If you need help figuring out a work-around, we’re happy to help. As for the rest of the job, including disassembly and parts-changing, that's the easy stuff for a handy person like yourself.

Where to Get More Information If You Need It

Appliantology.org, YouTube, and the internet have made hands-on training pretty much obsolete.

  • Members at Appliantology.org (which includes all new Master Samurai Tech students and all Certified graduates) can download service manuals with detailed disassembly information and testing information.
  • YouTube has tens of thousands of free videos showing every kind of disassembly you can think of (worth checking out: Repair Clinic, Appliance Parts Pros, and Parts Select). 

Remember: anyone can use a wrench and screwdriver, especially people as handy as the members of the appliance repair industry, so we have every confidence that you can master the mechanical part of the job.